filmbot AKA Jim Geduldick is the GoPro Cinema, Broadcast & Photo Marketing Manager and he happened to let out a sneak peek of the GoPro Spherical 360 VR Video camera on his Instagram account.

GoPro spherical Camera

So along with the confirmation that a drone will be coming from GoPro early 2016, the company also announced a 6 camera array system for virtual reality filming.

6 camera spherical array

So the answer is YES we are making a drone/quad and YES we have a 6 camera spherical array solution for VR coming. Here is Nick just now on stage at re/code making the announcements. You wonder why I am so busy. Jim Geduldick

GoPro will soon be joining forces with Kolor to deliver professional solutions to help you harness the power of spherical content to engage your audience like never before.

Video via re/code.

For more: GoPro.

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