Add one GoPro Hero HD Camera one empty take away container one weather balloon one Dad and one very very happy Son and you have the right ingredients for a trip to outer space.
It is almost that simple to just tie a balloon to a camera and let it float up 19 miles 30.5 kilometers to the blackness of space let it film and take pictures of its stratospheric journey.
Well there are a few hoops to jump through and a lot of planning, research and development to be done, and maybe most important of all a recovery and rescue plan of the flight camera.

After the weather balloon reached 19 miles 30.5 kilometers it popped and let the camera payload scream back to earth at 150mph 241kmh along with an iPhone which was used as a GPS device so they could locate the rig. As a back up they wrote a please return note for insurance if they lost it coming back to earth.

A few crews around the world are doing this but as you can see from the video and pictures obtained from the GoPro Hero HD in outer space it is a cool pioneering project to be part of.

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

For more info about the project go to the Brooklyn Space Program

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