Dactylcam flying camera systems, Go Rig, and the GuerillaRig are pretty cool by themselves, but what if they were married to a brushless gimbal rig?

Well that has happened.

Dactylcam has been working with defyproducts to make smooth zip line camera rigs.

Dactylcam and defy at NAB2014
dactylcam and defy

The DEFYG12 on the dactylcam filming with Moto The Movie

DEFYG12 on the dactylcam

The Dactylcam Go Rig was designed specifically for the pro-sumer – athlete, hobbyist, and enthusiast in mind. It is the fun version of the Guerilla Rig as it mounts any and all portable POV mini-cams (GoPro, Contour, Sony XD, etc). With a similar construction process and design intent: the Go Rig is light, packable, affordable, versatile, and super fun.

Go Rig

Go Rig Intro

The GuerillaRig:


The Guerilla Rig is our premium, production quality, line-based, camera-rig system. 1,200 ft line spans and speeds up to 50+ mph, the Guerilla Rig specializes in being portable – with a less than one hour set-up time, packable – utilizing lightweight design and materials, and easy to use for a single or multi-user to quickly learn and master. Through the consistent reliability that only a line camera can provide (try flying a ‘copter one foot above the ground at 50+ mph, or how about through a forest?..) the dactylcam Guerilla Rig will take your production and cinematography to new heights.

Please see Dactylcam, defy, and Moto The Movie for more.

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