GiSTEQ have announced the launch of their new product line for LED camera lights – the Flashmate series.


“With more and more people branching out into videography, we saw a much-needed niche to fill in the market,” Derek Lee, marketing associate and videographer at GiSTEQ, says. “Since the introduction of DSLRs with HD video capabilities, more and more photography enthusiasts are testing their skills – and this calls for better and more affordable lighting. GiSTEQ aims to fill this gap without breaking the bank.”

Currently, the Flashmate series has three different designs and four models. They include F-160, F-198, F-109A and F-198C. These LED lights are built to handle almost any situation and can fit into almost any scene.

F-160 Light

The standard F-160 and F-198 contain 160 and 198 LED bulbs and use GiSTEQ’s Matrix Lighting design – narrow-angle bulbs in the center and wide-angle bulbs around the perimeter. This provides users with bright, even coverage. F-198A users may choose between narrow or wide-angle bulbs. The two types of bulbs are dispersed evenly across the entire panel and may also be adjusted to use both at the same time. All of these models are daylight balanced (5500K) and bundled with a diffuser filter and tungsten filter.

The F-198C is in a class by itself. While it does not include a tungsten filter, it uses two different colored bulbs. Half of the bulbs are set to 5500K and the other half is set to 3200K.

All models in the Flashmate series may be dimmed from 10 to 100 percent. They are also eco-friendly because they are cool and consume minimal power, and are flicker-free – a must for video recording.

So, while photography and video worlds collide, camera users can now rest assured that they will have access to a quick, reliable and cost effective way to light their shots without having to buy multiple types of lights.F-160 Light

For more information, visit: GiSTEQ.

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