OK ignore all the blatant workplace health and safety breaches and focus on that Gimbalgunner camera rig suspended off that organ donor hanging out the boot of that car.

Gimbal Gunner

The gimbalgunner is a cross-over shoulder rig and brushless gimbal. Photographer and filmer Georges van Wensveen developed the gimbalgunner to easily make smooth and straight shots from the shoulder or handheld.
The gimbalgunner can be used for several camera’s, like the canon 1DC, canon 5DmarkIII, red epic and sony F5 en F55.

GimbalGunner, a unique crossover gimbal and shoulder camera rig in one

gimbalgunner shoot alfa 4c on 4k

gimbalgunner open water and wind test

gimbalgunner car showroom test


Gimbalgunner Georges van Wensveen

Please visit Georges van Wensveen for more information aboiut his Gimbalgunner camera rig.

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