Two gimbals enter, one gimbal leaves…

Welcome to the the Gimbal Dome where a DJI Ronin M gimbal battles a Came-TV Single gimbal.

Gimbal Battle – DJI Ronin-M vs CAME-TV Single | english from voodage on Vimeo.

Our results comparing the two gimbal system:
DJI Ronin M and CAME-TV Came Single.

We chose the Panasonic GH4 as a test camera to create the same conditions here. Since the Came Single can only withstand 1.2kg, the Ronin M can handle cameras to 3.6kg.

Freerunner: Ruben Schubert
Girlfriend: Sarah Klopstein
Director: Michael Kiessling
Camera (Came Single): Kumaran Herold
Camera (Ronin M): Benjamin Krech
Making of: Jannik Krug
Voice: Oliver Vogel

produced by Kumaran Herold & Michael Kiessling

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Bonus Video:

Gimbal Love

Gimbal Love from voodage on Vimeo.

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