As part of their 40 year anniversary Chrosziel have released a retro look matte box with conical bellows, but you will have to get in quick. The Chrosziel retro looking Matte Box 456 Anniversary Edition, features special made conical bellows, but it is only available for order until May 31st!

Chrosziel Retro Look 456 matte box

The series of special promotions celebrating Chrosziel‘s 40th birthday continue with a special treat for nostalgia addicts and lovers of the perfect scattered light trap: Retro-looking MatteBox 456 Anniversary features special made conical bellows. It is available only as a pre-order and only until May 31st!

Conical bellows can‘t be beat as a light trap and offer the best for variable mask adjustment (a Chrosziel patent). The last manufacturer of conical bellows shut down some time ago, but Chrosziel found a way to produce exact replicas as static conical bellows using 3D printing technology.

Pre-order a MatteBox 456 Anniversary until May 31st using order no. 456-20A (A as in Anniversary). Shipping will start in the second week of June. The price for this limited special edition matte box will be identical to the standard MB 456 Academy.

To order your Retro Look 456 Chrossziel matte box please go HERE.

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