Genustech have announced the Genus Mini Jib.

Genustech Mini Jib

This compact and lightweight Genus Mini Jib is designed by James Smith of DSLR Devices, the creator of the popular MK Ultra Camera Crane.

On DSLR Devices partnering with Genus on this new camera jib, James Smith states, “With Genus’s solid portfolio of products it was the only brand I could say I had total faith on taking my camera jib design to the next level. I could not be happier with the quality and finish of the product”.

The Genus Mini Jib is about the same size or smaller than most tripods, making it the perfect companion for the travelling filmmaker.

On the the portability and ease of use, Genustech says “In the past, travelling with a camera jib was a burden in terms of weight and set up time. With our new mini jib, those constraints are a thing of the past. It can easily be carried to the most remote locations and deployed in seconds. The Genus mini jib makes setting up a jib shot a pleasure, not a burden.”

Genus Mini Jib

Genus Mini Jib Dimensions:

Collapsed 84cm
Extended 180.5 cm
Weight 1.58 Kg
Maximum Camera Weight 4.25 Kg
Height range 1.87 m

The Genus Mini Jib will set you back around $395.

Please see Genustech for more information about their Genus Mini Jib.

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