Genustech have a whole slew of Black Label ND filters to cover just about every lens you may own.

Genustech Black Label ND Filter

The Genustech Black Label ND filter series utilises the high quality German SCHOTT B270 Glass.

A hard water repellent coating on both sides of the Genustech ND Black Label filter glass ensures increased protection from dirt and scratches.

Genustech Black Label ND Filter Series

The cost effective Genustech Black Label ND filter series sizes range from 52mm right up to 82mm, and the Neutral Density Filter strength ranges from ND 0.9 (ND8) 3 stop, right up to ND400 on selected sizes.

The Genustech Black label range of Neutral Density filters will expand your exposure options by helping you get the aperture and shutter speed combination you want.

Here is the full range of Genustech Black Label ND filters.

All Black Label ND Series
ND 0.9 ( ND8 ) 3 stop
ND 1.2 ( ND16 ) 4 stop
ND 1.5 ( ND32 ) 5 stop

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