Genustech have dropped the third instalment of their Bravo follow focus; the Genus Bravo follow focus MKIII.

Genus Bravo Follow Focus MKIII

This third generation follow focus has at its core the latest version of the custom made Genus gearbox. This gear box is precision engineered to ensure zero backlash. The gear meshing can be adjusted in the unlikely event that backlash develops. Smooth action of the gearbox allows the camera operator or assistant to pull accurate and repeatable focus.

The new Bravo MKIII adds to the convenience of a quick release bracket. This new bracket makes it easy to attach and move the follow focus to 15mm rods. The clamping mechanisms is engineered to ensure flexibility whilst maintaining the rigidity needed in a precision follow focus.

The new improved end stop mechanism makes it quick and easy to set and adjust follow end stops.

Genus Bravo MKIII

The Genus Bravo MKIII follow focus comes with a wide 0.8 pitch gear and flexible gear.

The Bravo MKIII follow focus can also be ordered without a pitch gear and the end user can choose the pitch gear sizes they want. 0.6 and 0.5 pitch gears are available from Genustech.

Please see Genustech for more information about their Genus Bravo MKIII follow focus.

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