How I hate hearing and seeing the words “Game Changer” and “Killer” put next to or near the word camera or indeed anything to do with cameras. Every new camera or camera accessory that comes out, is about to come out, or is rumoured to come out gets the Game Changer and or Killer “Weasel Words” slung at it. Just like other “Buzz Words” or “Contemporary Cliches” Game Changer and Killer are used to exaggerate boastful claims that appear to be meaningful and in some cases spiteful.

Every DSLR camera that is coming out gets at one point or another compared to the Canon 5D MKII then weighed up to see if it is a 5D “Killer”. Name any camera that is about to come out and that “DSLR Killer” tag is swinging off the viewfinder. That bastard slightly higher costing out of reach of some RED Scarlet camera in its rumoured pimped out specked prime was written up and mentioned as a DSLR Killer and a Game Changer. The Sony NEX VG10, Canon XF-100, and Panasonic AG-XF100 cameras have all been hugging the Game Changer and DSLR Killer tags. The prototype Redrock Micro EVF and then the fumbled Zacuto concept EVF both got labeled or talked about as Game Changers by the very people in charge of convincing you to fork over your dosh for a slice of Changing the Game.

So what is so wrong with the cheap to rent Killer and Game Changer weasel words? Well generally weasel words are just meaningless unproven throw away labels slammed down your throat by people and companies that have an agenda. Sadly there is plenty of cheeky little buggers that will cut and paste those spewed out buzz words into their Tweets, Blogs and Facebook pages without questioning the validity of the claims and reappraising them unchecked.

Game Changer: last time I checked we were all playing the same game. If anything they are just rule breakers. It is not like we are playing marbles and new camera / camera gear tells we are going to be playing Quidditch from now on instead. Most football games are the same game played with different rules. NFL, Soccer, Australian Rules, Rugby and even Hockey, are all the same game played with different rules. The ball starts in the middle and you must get that ball to the other end with the opposition trying to stop you from scoring. If you have the most points at the end of the game you are the winner.

So next time you see or hear that RED and ARRI have a Game Changer or that Panasonic and Sony have a DSLR Killer in their ranks just think of it as a slight tweak of the rules and you just keep on doing your own thing and play the game.
Now don’t even get me started on the equally cringe worthy and annoying “Revolution” weasel word.

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