Fxlion 26V BP-7S230 V-lock Battery Can Power Camera, Lights, Phone, The Whole Set

Need to power your cine camera, LED lights, monitor, your phone and other gear on set? Do it with just one single V-Lock battery then.

Chinese gear manufacturer Fxlion have a massive 26V 9.0Ah 230WH camera battery hitting the market. The BP-7S230.

Fxlion 26V Battery

Product Features

·High power, big current, fit for input 24V~30V camera and LED light gears
·Protection chips for high power battery; Intelligent PCB design for over-heat, over-charge, over-discharge, and over-current protection.
·Normal working current is 10A
·Working current up to 12A (max).
·Chargeable li-ion battery, no memory effect
·Working temperature: -20°C~+55°C
·4-level LED power indicator
·D-tap output is available

26V Fxlion

· Capacity: 26.0V 9.0Ah 230Wh
· Max current: 12A
· Dimension: 152(L)mm×97(W)mm×65(H)mm
· Weight: 1180g
· Charging time:PL-7110 PL-7S2DS ~5.5H PL-7115 ~3H

For more information: Fxlion.

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