Need to power your cine camera, LED lights, monitor, your phone and other gear on set? Do it with just one single V-Lock battery then.

Chinese gear manufacturer Fxlion have a massive 26V 9.0Ah 230WH camera battery hitting the market. The BP-7S230.

Fxlion 26V Battery

Product Features

·High power, big current, fit for input 24V~30V camera and LED light gears
·Protection chips for high power battery; Intelligent PCB design for over-heat, over-charge, over-discharge, and over-current protection.
·Normal working current is 10A
·Working current up to 12A (max).
·Chargeable li-ion battery, no memory effect
·Working temperature: -20°C~+55°C
·4-level LED power indicator
·D-tap output is available

26V Fxlion

· Capacity: 26.0V 9.0Ah 230Wh
· Max current: 12A
· Dimension: 152(L)mm×97(W)mm×65(H)mm
· Weight: 1180g
· Charging time:PL-7110 PL-7S2DS ~5.5H PL-7115 ~3H

For more information: Fxlion.

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