F&V have announced the K4000 LED, a lightweight and portable studio solution, integrating newest technology in synchronous lighting, expandability, and power LEDs. The perfect mobile studio lighting solution. K4000S Bi-Color Studio Panel sports 400 pure color power LEDs, offering 2490 Lux @ 1 meter in a self-contained 1’x1′ unit. Carefully selected LEDs are put through multiple tests and evaluations to ensure perfect color balance and diode matching. K4000 Bi-Color LED offers an absolute pure color consistency between LEDs and a clean calibrated color from tungsten to daylight (3200K – 5600K).

F&V K4000S Bi-Color LED Studio Panel Light

Bi-Color Changing Panel Light

Equipped with 400 Pure Color LEDs Bi-Color Balanced (3200K – 5600K), K4000S LED is 60° beam angle which delivers a wide, even beam of light. Perfect for key and fill applications. K4000 Studio Light offers exceptional light quality, full dimming capabilities from 0-100% with minimal color shift, and outstanding light output.


Control multiple K4000 LED Lights from a single unit with optional F&V’s Smart Sync Control. This user-expandable circuit allows linked units to keep intensity and CCT in sync with other linked Studio Panels through a standard CAT5 ethernet cable.

Also available as a optional DMX module, link multiple K4000’s into your DMX board to gain full remote control.


K4000 LED Studio Light is battery powered, Keeping your shoots portable with the built-in V-Mount Battery Plate. Less cables, less mess.

Two power supply methods:

1) V-Mount Battery

2) DCΦ2.5 Jack, Operating Voltage: 10-18V

Toss out your clunky, single-pin AC Adapter for the all-new F&V V-Mount AC Adapter. Included with the K4000, this rugged alternative locks into the V-Mount plate for a secure and stable connection.


K4000 LED Studio Light comes with all-new diffusion filter, offering a true soft-box effect. Mounted 5cm off the face of the light allows the filter to be illuminated evenly. This converts a multi-pointed light into a soft, single source. The results are a beautiful, soft light that wraps around your subject, leaving a clean, single shadow.

Flicker Free / Dimmable 0-100%

LED K4000 Comes with built-in dimmer, 0%-100% brightness adjustable via Dimmable Button. Very easy and quick.

For more information about the K4000S LED lights please visit F&V and LED-Video-Lights.com.

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