FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) has announced that it will release the “FUJINON XK6x20” (hereinafter “XK6x20”) as a new addition to the lineup of 4K-compatible digital cinema camera zoom lenses in late June. Equipped with a PL mount**, the most common format for cinema cameras, the “XK6x20” is a standard zoom lens that delivers T3.5* brightness for the entire zoom range from 20mm to 120mm.


In recent years, the need for employing visual content that utilize mild bokeh created with high image quality and shallow depth-of-field lenses that are unique to cinema cameras has increased for shooting various scenes for commercials, concerts, documentaries and dramas.

Fujifilm released the “FUJINON Cine Lenses” compatible with digital cinema cameras in 2002. Since then, it has provided high-resolution, high-quality lenses for digital cinema camera customers in various production sites in the cinema and broadcasting industries.

The “XK6x20” digital cinema camera zoom lens offers high optical performance compatible with 4K cameras and covers a wide focal length range from 20mm to 120mm. It also realizes T3.5 brightness throughout the entire zoom range. There is no T drop*** and it offers comfortable operation. Various scenes can be shot with this single lens.

The “XK6x20” is equipped with a detachable drive unit for electric zooming and focusing that is a popular function with existing products. It also features 0.8mm gear pitch*4 for compatibility with standard cine accessories.

Fujinon lenses, offered by Fujifilm, are recognized for their advanced optical performance, contributing to latest imaging progress through their applications in the production of TV programs, movies and commercials throughout the world. Tapping into its optical, high-precision processing and assembly technologies that have been nurtured over the years, Fujifilm will continue to develop and supply cutting edge products that exceed the diverse needs of production requirements.

This product is to be showcased at the broadcasting and cine equipment exhibition “NAB 2016”, to be held in Las Vegas from April 18 to 21, 2016.

* T (T number) is index that indicates brightness of lens taking F value and transmittance into account. Smaller the number, brighter the lens.
** 16mm / 35mm cinema camera lens mount used by the world’s leading German cinema camera manufacturer Arnold and Richter Cine Technik
*** Full transmission aperture is fixed in any focal length, and T number does not change when operating zoom.
*4 Distance between gear teeth
1. Product name: FUJINON cine lens “XK6x20”
2. Release date: Late June 2016
3. Standard user price: Open
4. Main features:
(1) Advanced optical performance
Featuring high-precision large-diameter aspherical elements designed with cutting-edge optical simulation technology. It delivers high optical performance and low distortion compatible with 4K cameras from the center to the edge of the screen, and delivers performance comparable to single focal length lenses for digital cinema camera in the entire zoom range.
By integrating the color temperature of the flagship model “HK series” and compact and lightweight model “ZK series”, color grading*5 is simplified when using multiple lens models together.
Featuring Flange Back Focus*6 Adjustment Mechanism, used in broadcasting lenses, for optimized mounting with cameras to bring out the full lens optical performance.
Using a 9-blade round iris mechanism to achieve the iris shape as round as possible, enabling natural bokeh in images
*5 Work to correct color of images in editing work.
*6 Image forming plane of lens can be adjusted to the optimum position according to flange back (distance from lens mounting reference plane to sensor) of each camera.
(2) Covers focal length from 20mm to 120mm and realizes T3.5 brightness across entire zoom range
Covering a wide field of view from focal length of 20mm to 120mm. Time and cost can be saved as the need to exchange the lens to a different focal length is unnecessary.
Maintains T3.5 brightness over the entire zoom range. There is no T drop where T number changes according to focal length, enabling comfortable operation.
Equipped with “macro function” which enables shooting as close as subject distance*7 of 40cm (11cm from front lens*8). It expands possible shooting scenes covered by a single lens.
*7 Distance from image forming plane to subject.
*8 The foremost lens of the multiple-lens structure.
(3) Offers comfortable operability
The gear pitch for the operation ring of focus, zoom and iris (aperture) is 0.8mm, the same as existing FUJINON cinema camera lenses, for compatibility with standard cine accessories.
Focus ring realizes moderate torque with 200-degree rotation angle to aid accurate focusing.
The focus indicator ring is available in feet or meters.
(4) Equipped with detachable drive unit
Equipped with a drive unit for electric zooming and focusing that offers the operability equivalent to conventional TV camera lenses.
When the drive unit is not equipped, general full manual operation is possible in motion picture production scenes.
(5) Equipped with a “rotary encoder” which outputs lens data in high resolution
Rotary Encoders are installed in the drive unit for high resolution output of lens position data, including zoom, focus, and iris.
5. Main Specifications:
FUJINON XK6x20 Specs

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