FUJIFILM launch the FUJINON XA55x9.5, a 55x high powered zoom and high optical performance lens and is best for sports broadcasts, concerts and live productions.


Analog broadcast has ended in Japan, the US and Europe, and HD* equipment has become mainstream at TV program production sites due to the shift to digital broadcast such as high-definition broadcast with high image and sound quality. Production of TV programs with high image quality has also increased in Brazil where the upcoming World Cup and Olympics will be held and in emerging countries where digitalization of TV broadcast is advancing, increasing the demand for HD equipment. Under such circumstances, Fujifilm is expanding its lineup of high-performance HDTV lenses such as studio/field lenses used for shooting at studios or sports broadcasts and portable lenses that can be easily carried around.

XA55x9.5 to be launched is an HD field lens that offers both 55x high-power zoom and high optical performance with excellent resolution, transparency and color reproduction using the latest optical simulation technology.

XA55x9.5 features Fujifilm’s proprietary optical stabilization as a standard for the first time for 50-60x class field lenses. The lens corrects image shaking on the screen caused by wind and poor footing, which often occurs with high-power zoom lens with focal length on the telephoto side, and produces stable images. Since it is also compatible with focal length from 9.5mm to 525mm, it shows excellent performance in sports broadcasts, concerts and live productions.

The lens is also installed with the 16bit encoder** which outputs zoom, focus position and other lens data at high resolution. It can work with virtual system that combines CG image with live shooting image. Since it has a built-in lens supporter to which portable cameras can be directly attached, the lens can be used without preparing a new lens supporter.

Fujinon lenses offered from Fujifilm are acclaimed for its high descriptive power and contribute to the evolution of new picture expression. Fujifilm will continue developing and providing new innovative products using its optical technology, high-precision processing technology and assembly technology developed over the years, to respond to the diversifying needs of production sites.

* Abbreviation for High Definition. High-precision filming with 1080 scanning lines which is approximately 2 times conventional scanning lines.
** Sensor that converts location information into digital signals. Divides location information of zoom and focus into 16 bits and sends said information in electrical signals.

Please see Fujinon for more information about their XA55x9.5 55x HDTV Lens

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