Swedish Chameleon the mob that gave you that funky alien looking DSLR rig now have more product shots of rigs and gear parts up on their page. Currently you can not buy Swedish Chameleon gear online however if you live in Sweden you can get their rigs from 3 stores Scandinavian Photo Lindqvist Radio TV Kaffebrus and you can even rent from Ljud & Bildmedia.
Looking back on gear pictures from a few months ago it looks that small changes have occured with the Follow Focus unit, and the rigs in general so heres hoping with more gear and parts popping up on the Swedish Chameleon site it should not take long that the guys find an online selling model that suits everyone.

Unboxing Swedish Chameleon:

Swedish Chameleon SC Large

Swedish Chameleon SC Tiny

Swedish Chameleon Flying V

Swedish Chameleon SC Follow Focus

For more go to Swedish Chameleon

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