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How To Hive: Bee Soft Boxes from Hive Lighting on Vimeo.

Hive How To Series # 2

Hive's Bee Flood accepts 6 5/8" / 6 1/2" (170mm / 165mm) Speed Rings and can be used with a variety of "Soft-box" accessories, low or high heat, designed for flash or continuous light sources from a variety of different manufactures including Chimera, Profoto, Wescott and Photoflex.

Softboxes/Speedrings Available from Hive Lighting:
165mm 8pt SpeedRing
170mm 4pt SpeedRing
3' Octagonal Softbox
2' Collapsable Beauty Dish
Small Rectangular Softbox


Hive Lighting’s Bee Plasma Flood is Hive’s first “open face”- style lighting solution.

Using a single unique plasma bulb, a micro-star, the Bee has a 100 degree flood, with a revolutionary reflector system, it fits four point and eight point softboxes, photo umbrellas, and a traditional glass fresnel lens, making it a tool for both motion and still image production.

This versatile unit weighs only 10 pounds, so it is both easily transportable and simple to set up and breakdown on-the-go. Adjustable color temperature between 4600K – 7000K CCT, easily powered with 90-277VAC or 18-38VDC.

Flicker free, 30,000 hour bulb life, vibration and impact resistant, and capable of producing output twice as bright as LEDs, four times brighter than fluorescents and five times brighter than incandescents, all from a single point source bulb.



5600K CCT (Nominal daylight)
94+ CRI
Full Spectrum (see graphic)
Flicker Free (450 MHz cycle, 225 Million fps)


90 – 277V AC (with Hive Lighting AC power supply)
18 – 38V DC (with Hive Lighting AC & DC power supply)
276 Total System Watts
2.3 Amps (120ACV) / 9.8 Amps (28DCV)


10.5 lbs ( 4.75 kg)
10.5” x 6.5” x 11” (266mm x 165mm x 280mm)
8.5” (215mm) from pin receiver to yoke mount
“Baby” (16mm) TVMP receiver
6-5/8” or 6 1/2“ (170 mm or 165mm) sized accessories


Daylight Dial 4600K – 7000K (Plus Moonlight EFX)
DMX512 (optional)
30,000 Hour Hive Recommend Bulb Life (50,000 hours L70)
Minimum Recommended Ambient Temp: – 31F (- 35C)
Maximum Recommended Ambient Temp: 110F (43C)
Max Recommended Operating Altitude 30,000 ft. (9,144 m)

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