Frink that movie you all backed on Kickstarter by FAITH VS FATE PRODUCTIONS way back in April 2013. When I say you all, I mean the 55 that actually did.

Frink Clapper Loader

I would love to see that same 55 back another Kickstarter movie just for the Frink Clapper Loader to star in.

BTS – FRINK from Faith vs Fate Productions on Vimeo.

Frink The Movie:

FRINK from Faith vs Fate Productions on Vimeo.

A Supernatural Thriller about a newly wed couple that moves into a secluded home atop the cascade mountains to escape the outside world. Little do they know the darkness within that will soon consume the mind of James as he writes more and more each day, and his wife Mary sees the extent of his transformation.
Director BIO – Phillip Nelson is a native to Seattle first time Director for this project with a full Cast & Crew behind him. After completing a 16mm film at Seattle Film Institute, he has been putting everything together from savings, determination, and faith to make sure this project would get seen and made for the masses.

Cast (Pics and more available at

Richard Clairmont / Starring as "Man In Suit"
Film –
Ronee Collins / Starring as "Mary"
Trailer –
Gabe Sedgemore / Starring as "James"
Trailer –


Phillip Nelson / Director –
Domenic Barbero / Director of Photography –
Collin Joseph Neal / Producer –
Jason Vo / Editor/Colorist –
Autumn Perrotta / 2nd Assistant Director –
Christian Saxton / 1st Assistant Camera –
Kat Audick / Production Designer –
Casey Schmidt / Gaffer –
Michael Kleven Sound Mixer/ Boom –
Rika Seward / Hair and Makeup Artist –
Mary Webster / Composer –
Tyler Arns / Grip –
Ryan Hicks / Catering –
Lorraine Montez / Co-Producer –
Javier Caceres / Dolly Grip –
Sean Patrick Burke 1st Assistant Director –
Erik F Simkins / Still Photographer / BTS –
Garrett Meyers / G&E Intern

"Special Thanks"

Bob Fischer
Kevin and Wendie Kelly
Randi Najar
Matt and Amanda Heins
Karren Mayer
Sam Nuttmann


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