AbelCine give you a quick run through the new Akira firmware beta for the Freefly Movi systems.

Freefly Systems has released the beta version of its latest firmware update, nicknamed Akira. This firmware makes extensive updates to MōVI performance and functionality. Three major updates included in Akira are HiPER Stabilization, Timelapse Mode, and Target Mode.

HiPER Stabilization increases overall performance, particularly with longer focal length lenses. Timelapse mode sets up your camera to capture motion along coordinates you define with keyframes. These can be set by physically moving the camera on the MōVI to frame the sequence, or by using the app. The MōVI app itself has had a major overhaul; screens are easy to navigate and the functionality is intuitive.

Target Mode, which is still in development, will allow the MōVI to stay locked onto a subject regardless of where the MōVI travels in space. While still in beta, the Akira firmware certainly adds valuable updates to the MōVI’s functionality.

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