Quick one for you, a very handy and 100% free App from Fujinon for calculating field of view, angle of view, depth of field, and field of view plus more for broadcast cinema and CCTV lenses. The Fujinon OptCal works with Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Fujinon OptCal Description:

Fujinon OptCal calculates for three categories: Broadcast, Cinema, CCTV.

For Broadcast: Field of View, Angle of View, Depth of Field, and Effective Field of View
For Cinema: Field of View, Angle of View, and Depth of Field
For CCTV: Field of View, Effective Focal Length, Lens Focal Length, and converts lens formats to camera sensors.

For more download the Fujinon OptCal from iTunes or pop your peeps over the official write up HERE by BIZAPPS.

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