Fostex AR501 Mic Preamplifier is a battery-powered professional quality microphone preamplifier housed in compact, light weight, robust aluminum chassis.

Fostex AR501

The Fostex AR501 offers 48V phantom power, good for combination with DSLR camera, Camcorder, Line Mixer, Audio Interface etc. for ENG, sports relays, location recording and installations.


Selectable mic input gain level, -20 / -30 / -45 / -60dBu
Phantom 48V power supply
HPF at 80 or 160Hz with -6dB/oct
Cascading function for stereo application with a supplied dedicated joint plate
Balanced Out (+4dBu, XLR) and Unbalanced Out (-10dBV or attenuated -50dBV, stereo mini)
Peak LED and Power LED that doubles with low battery warning
Powered by 1 x AA battery (Alc or NiMH) for 10 hours operation (approx. 4 hours with P48V on) or DC-IN (5V, Micro USB)
Power saving mode (phantom power down to 24V) to extend the operation hours
Extruded aluminum chassis for light weight but robust construction
Shoe rails for various camera rigs and a tri-pod compatible screw hole
ET-C0.2, stereo mini OFC cable included for DSLR connection or cascading to another unit

For more: Fostex.

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