You guys have all seen this unfortunate video so nothing new can be added here other than good on you B&H for helping the poor bugger out. Is it fake? Doubt it as the guy would have gotten the price right from who he is accused of doing the video for. A 5D MKII is around $2200 not $2400 from the NY camera retail store. So it is up to one sad little Blerger pointing the finger to prove it is fake, or forever be known as a jealous sook.
Even if it was proved to be a fake who cares.
Anyone that puts the video up has been accused of lofting up crap as high art. So what, what’s your point, this is just 24 seconds of what it is nothing more.
As a side note type $2400 into Vimeo and look at what pops up, a collection of nipples.

Nick on over to KHStudios on Vimeo.

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