If you have been following the steady flow of brushless gimbal camera rigs hitting the market then there is every chance you have come across the term “AlexMos” a Simple Brushless Gimbal Controller.

But let’s go one better for those that don’t already know… Alex Moskalenko is the guy behind the term AlexMos and he is someone you really need to follow.

AlexMos Follow Frame Feature

Why? Well his input into brushless gimbal controllers such as the SimpleBGC project; a DIY-solution for what they call a perfect camera stabilization for one.
Another reason would be for his work on a new Follow Frame feature with brushless gimbal camera rigs.

Of course there are plenty of other reasons to keep an eye on Alex Moskalenko even if it’s just a super cool geeky thing to do.

Here is the Follow Frame feature… It’s in Russian but click on English subtitles for those that need to.

The “Follow Frame” first appeared in the v.2.2 AlexMos firmware. Please see SimpleBGC for more on what Alex Moskalenko is up to.

Also please check out our other featured post on Alex Moskalenko’s 5 Axis Brushless Gimbal Camera Rig.

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