Looking every bit like fluro light tubes, the Medusa light from HurleyPro is actually an LED lighting set up. It has been Tweeted that the Medusa should come in at around $1500 and have Bluetooth connectivity. Launch date is slated around July 1 for the Medusa LED lights, so keep an eye out for them over at HurleyPro.

Thanks to Kelby Media Group for the video:

Medusa LED Light

Medusa LED Light Overview:
A full 8 lamp Medusa fixture draws a diminutive 1.36 amps @120v while in operation.
Exceptionally high lumen maintenance with 90%+ preservation over the first 60,000 hours.
Proprietary advanced COB design allows for exceptionally high lumen output (2150+ lumens per 3’ tube / 8 per fixture) while still operating at just a few degrees above ambient.
0-100% linear dimming available on all lamps, and with the addition of a lamp remote you are able to control up to 256 lamps individually at any one time.
With an advanced solid state COB lamp design and you can travel without the fear of onsite lamp failure common in filament/ignitor based lamps.
Designed to run on a wide variety of common international voltages ranging from 80-260v, allowing you to plug in anywhere in the world and know your lights are going to perform.

Medusa HurleyPro LED

Medusa LED Light Features

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