Three lights from the FloLight stable of illumination make it onto the 2016 product video.

FloLight products have grown, and advanced with age, and we are proud to announce that our newest LED Panel lights, and LED Camera / Compact lights rate in at 95 – 96 CRI.

Our BladeLight is the first LED Strip light to offer a focusable beam angle, cutting control sharper than a Fresnel, and many more features, making it the most versatile LED film lighting tool.

Our CycLight and Green Strip BladeLight’s offer perfect lit Green Screens every time. Making GreenScreen lighting so simple and easy, we did all the math so you can just set the lights and film, while being able to pull a perfect key every time, with any type of Green Screen (Yes even one with tears, marking and wrinkles)

FloLight LED Panel and LED Products featured

BladeLight –
CycLight –…
Compact and Panel LED’s –

Featured Products
36″ BladeLight – 96 CRI 1,000 Watt Strip LED
18″ BladeLight – 96 CRI 500 Watt Strip LED
CycLight – GreenScreen / BackGround Light
MicroBeam 1024 – 95 CRI 1,000 Watt Soft LED Panel
MicroBeam 512 – 95 CRI 500 Watt Soft LED Panel
MicroBeam 256 – 96 CRI 200 Watt Compact / Camera LED
MicroBeam 128 – 96 CRI 200 Watt Compact / Camera LED
MicroBeam 2048 – 2,000 Watt Bi-Color / Day Tung / Panel LED

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