Back in the day when fluro was riding high, bleach was flowing through long unkempt hair, and acid wash jeans seemed cool, came the idea to duct tape a camera to a filmmaker’s head.

GoPro wasn’t even an itch in anyones pants quite yet so video cameras had to be mounted with brute force and sheer ignorance.

We are talking 18 lb cameras and soundtracks that have stand up electronic drums and saxophone solos…

Oh so damn sexy…

18 lb helmet camera

The helmet camera was invented long before GoPro. Albeit, it was attached with duct tape and weighed a lot more. In this episode of Legends, produced by Greg Stump and Powder TV, Stump gives us a history lesson about the origins of the first helmet cam with classic POV footage from Glen Plake and his film “The Good, The Bad, and the Gnarly.”

Thanks to Powder Magazine for the video.

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