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Fisso R1 Brushless Gimbal by InnovaCam Used On The Expendables 3 Film

Take a gander at the Fisso R1 brushless gimbal camera rig used on Sylvester Stallone’s Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Expendables 3’ Film on aerials and hand held scenes:

What’s included in the with the Fisso R1:

1 x FIsso R1 frame, proprietary design (anodized aluminum & carbon fiber), designed and CNC’d in the USA
2 x 5k series Brushless Gimbal motors on Tilt
2 x 8k series Brushless Gimbal on Pan and Roll
1 x Roll arch to support heavier payload and smooth roll
3 x Adjustable thumb screws for easier adjustment
1 x Industry standard adjustable camera plate with 2 x15mm rods for follow focus/zoom
1 x Joystick mounted on handlebar for single operator control
1 x High Power 3 Axis AlexMos controller with BlueTooth and custom enclosure (silence drive)
1 x USB cable
1 x Adjustable stand
1 x 5000 mah lipos battery (~2 hours)
1 x Lipo charger
1 x Multi-tool for tuning the gimbal
1 x Shipping box
1 x Manual
1 x hr custom Skype training on how to balance and tune your rig

** Fisso R1 is sold complete and ready to use

Fisso R1 has to be adjusted so that the camera balances on it’s center of gravity. The more precisely this is done the better the Stabilizer will perform!

Camera models: Any DSLR, Black Magic, Sony FS100/700, Canon C300/C500, RED EPIC/SCARLET, BMCC, F5/55, Arri Alexa M

Please see InnovaCam for more information about their range of brushless gimbal camera rigs.

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