There is every chance you never saw this tweet by Lucie Wendremaire @LucieWendremair the European Product Marketing manager for News & Broadcast Production for SonyPro Europe.

New Sony FS Camera

Lucie has been given the task of taking the new Sony FS camera that is set to cause a stir to IBC 2015.

Sony FS Camera IBC 2015

While the camera may be contained safely in a wooden box that looks like it would be home in a Minecraft game, it soon will be released in a day or so to the world.

What name is the new FS camera? Spit balling here: let’s go with Sony FS2, Sony FS200, or take a radical step and go with the Sony FST2 camera.

Doesn’t matter what it gets called, as it will always be the Minecraft camera to me because of that box.

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