First footage has surfaced taken from that 4K Apertus Axiom Camera. The open source camera is a prototype and it’s early days, but with first pictures comes relief for those working on finishing the project.

Axiom Alpha Prototype Camera

Please note that this footage contains the first samples ever recorded with the Axiom Alpha prototype. Whilst this is a major milestone, it represents only our first step through the door and into the beginning of further tweaking. As it stands, the video signal output from the Axiom Alpha still carry some flaws. Let’s take a look at them in detail:

We have not yet:
calibrated the colours of the camera
calibrated the white/black point (offsets) and linearization, leading to some vertical streak/curtain effects
created a Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN) profile (the Alpha prototype already supports this, however we have not yet found the time to actually conduct the required measurements)
There are some red lines at the bottom of the image, this is due to unresolved minor incompatibilities between the Axiom Alpha HDMI output and the utilized recorder

For more on the Axiom Alpha camera please see their full up write about the first footage from the prototype camera HERE.

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