Hive Lighting announce their brand new Hive Speed Stage designed with high speed video, photography and VFX in mind.

Targeting all of the advantages plasma lighting can provide for high end product and beauty photography, slow motion and special effects work we carefully combined all of our products on a single stage for the maximum results.

The space is a collaboration with Drone Dudes, one of the pioneers of UAV camera work, fully FAA licensed and insured with a variety of cameras, camera rigs and custom camera solutions for aerial cinematography, VR and motion capture. The Hive Speed Stage is a the perfect space for innovative filmmakers and photographers looking to work with cutting edge technologies on any size budget.

Hive Lighting has released the short promotional video “Fire Breather” in conjunction with Hive Speed Stage announcement. “Fire Breather” is a short video piece that marries arresting images of the timeless art of fire breathing with the latest in cutting edge entertainment technology.

Fire Breather from Hive Lighting on Vimeo.

“Fire Breather” is a collaboration between Hive Lighting and Drone Dudes, with help from top of the line equipment manufacturers: Leica, Matthews Studio Equipment and Vision Research. “Fire Breather” demonstrates the variety of exciting technical and creative possibilities the Hive Speed Stage has to offer filmmakers, featuring super slow motion cinematography at 1500fps and “bullet time” motion control effects.

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