Filmtools moves to advance growth in U.S. and abroad enters into strategic relationship with Paladin Capital Partners.


Filmtools Inc., a prominent Hollywood source of production equipment and motion picture making supplies, announced today that it has entered into a long-term strategic relationship with Paladin Capital Partners, LLC. Filmtools CEO Stan McClain said the move is designed to accelerate the company’s domestic and international growth plans.

“The business of filmmaking is evolving rapidly,” said McClain who, with his wife Kim, founded Filmtools 13 years ago to provide filmmakers with ready access to top quality production products and equipment.

“Advancements in cinematic technologies, lighting, cameras and lenses, mounting and audio capture/reproduction are driving interest in motion pictures and performance art the world over,” said McClain, “and distribution technologies are making it easier for filmmakers to reach their audiences.

“The combination is creating double digit growth in demand for the kinds of products we offer the film production community,” McClain asserted. “Kim and I are convinced that there has never been a better time to leverage Filmtools pre-eminence in Hollywood. Paladin Capital gives us bandwidth in business strategy development and deployment so we can substantially broaden and hasten our market presence.”

Paladin Capital Partners is a California-based business consulting firm that specializes in strategic advisory, business development, and operations management services. The Filmtools contract, which runs through at least December 2015, is a fee for service arrangement that includes warrants that Paladin can exercise to obtain a 40 percent equity share of Filmtools’ business.

“This is an exciting opportunity,” said Paladin partner Chuck Champion. “Filmtools has grown from a motion picture camera support operation to a critical supply house for all production departments including camera, grip, electric and sound. In addition to serving the key Hollywood studios, we also focus on supplying independent film makers and film students.”

According to Champion, the production equipment market is highly fragmented with the usual gaps in service quality, custom applications and product delivery.

“Filmtools’ history is one of perfecting customer relationships as a way to maintain quality, Champion asserted. “Now it is a matter of scaling the solutions to more widely dispersed customer segments across North America and overseas.”

Champion and his partner Gary Sproule are working together on the Filmtools engagement. Their initial focus will be on personnel and support systems.

“We are looking to strengthen the sales and business development organizations which are the foundation to growth,” Sproule said. “At the same time, we hope to upgrade the company’s vendor and procurement programs, as well as bolster customer service and order fulfillment operations which will enhance the Filmtools customer purchasing experience.

For more about their expansion plans please see Filmtools.

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