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Oscar Awards Winner Anatoliy Kokush, who has long standing engineering experience in the field of camera technologies, founded Filmotechnic in 1990.

Filmotechnic is a leading provider of comprehensive camera equipment for the global film market.

Filmotechnic is a forerunner in research and development of camera technologies. Anatoliy Kokush is the two-time Academy Award Winner in the 78th Annual Scientific and Engineering Awards.

The Academy awarded Anatoliy Kokush, Yuriy Popovsky and Oleksiy Zolotarov the Sci-Tech Award for the concept and development of the Russian Arm Gyro-Stabilized Camera Crane and Flight Head. The Academy also awarded Anatoliy Kokush a second Sci-Tech Award for the concept and development of the Cascade Series of motion picture cranes including the Traveling Cascade Crane.

Filmotechnic was awarded the cinecAward for Camera Support/Grip for the Gyro-Stabilized Camera Crane, Russian Arm. The prestigious cinecAward is presented in seven different categories by the Society of CineTechnik Bayern e.V. (CTB, formerly Bavarian Society for the Advancement of Film Technology), and awarded to innovative and trendsetting products and developments of the Motion Picture Technology.

The Russian Arm and Flight Head opened new possibilities for filmmakers. With the ability to be mounted on the roof of almost any car, this remotely-operated crane and camera head can move smoothly in a 360° circle around the car, even while it is being driven at high speeds, creating heretofore impossible perspectives.

Filmotechnic’s most famous products that have a proven history of use are lightweight modular camera cranes Cascade and Traveling Cascade, Gyro-Stabilized remote Flight Heads, Gyro-Stabilized camera cranes and others. Filmotechnic’s equipment holds numerous international patents and inventor’s certificates.

Filmotechnic is very proud to have highly qualified technical and scientific personnel that specialize in various branches of science and engineering.

For many years, Filmotechnic has been producing and supplying camera remote systems to various customers all over the world, used for production of motion pictures, music videos, and commercials.

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