Filming Sister Crayon “Your Girl” Video Using a 5″ by 4″ Camera & 7 Foot Camera Rig

Director of Photography Jesse Dana thought Cinescopophilia readers would enjoy the behind the scenes from the Sister Crayon “Your Girl” video that used a 5″ by 4″ camera and 7 foot camera rig.

Photo by Myleen Hollero

Photo by Myleen Hollero

I recon Jesse is right.

We love the uniqueness that this video gives, and that camera rig!!!!

"Your Girl" Behind the Scenes – Sister Crayon & French Press Films from French Press Films on Vimeo.

Directed by Max Maddox ("Taxi 2.0"), this is a behind the scenes look at the making of Sister Crayon and French Press Films' music video for "Your Girl". The video documents director Andrew Juncker & director of photography Jesse Dana exploring the recreation of the look of large format portraiture for video along with the standard behind the scenes fare.

Check out the rig…

Photo by Myleen Hollero

Photo by Myleen Hollero

Sister Crayon "Your Girl" from French Press Films on Vimeo.

Produced by French Press Films
Director: Andrew Juncker
Producer: Roman Honeycutt
Executive Producers: Roman Honeycutt, Chris Walters
Director of Photography: Jesse Dana
Editor: Chris Walters
Colorist: Ayumi Ashley
Dancer/Choreographer: Esmeralda Kundanis-Grow
Gaffer: Kiva Knight
Best Boy Electric: Marc Schatalow
Electrician: Lorenzo Pace
Dimmer Board Operator: Drew Nelson
Key Grip: Matt Rome
Best Boy Grip: Andy Haney
Grips: Inder Mann, Ernie Simpson
Assistant Camera: Theresa Wong
Makeup: Stacey Hinchman, Celeste Linares
Wardrobe: Krista Hawk
Assistant Editor: Shirley Wen
Production Assistants: Matt Kreizenbeck, Max Maddox, Ron Bullock, Peter Jacques
Mechanical Consultant: Charlie Benton
Set Photographer: Myleen Hollero

Special Thanks: Bocanova, Official Crown of Laurel, Kevin Zamani, Myleen Hollero, SteelHip, VideoFax, Lighting by Steinheimer,, and The Clock Factory

Sister Crayon: Terra Lopez, Dani Fernandez
Label: ORL Productions

Photo by Myleen Hollero

Photo by Myleen Hollero

For the full and complete write up please see French Press Films.

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