Fiilex P100 compact light is the most versatile solution for someone who is constantly on the move and lighting in unconventional locations. Fully dimmable and color-tunable to match daylight or tungsten, this brilliant LED features a spot-to-flood lens and runs off an integrated Li-ion battery.

Fiilex P100

Easily modifiable, “The Brick” puts out 100W of high CRI (>90) light that can serve as either key or fill and will translate all your colors precisely. Revolutionize the way you light with the P100’s flat form factor – place it on almost any surface, mount it on your camera, use it in a three-point set, or simply hold it in your hand. With no bulbs to break and no cords to plug in, go anywhere knowing that you’ll be able to light your shots quickly and beautifully.

P100_3 from Fiilex LED on Vimeo.


100W Output – 12W Draw
Weighs 0.59lbs
Dimmable and Color Tunable Between 3000K to 5600K
High CRI >92
Runs on Integrated Li-ion battery or AC power
2 + Hour Battery Life at Maximum Power
Small Form Factor – Place Almost Anywhere
Solid State Technology (No Broken Bulbs)
Compatible with Magnetic Accessories (Use With Accessory Mount)

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