DiCon Lighting has launched a new brand called Fiilex which utilities what they call a Dense Matrix LED platform. Fiilex P360 Portable Specular LED, and P200 FlexJet Illuminator lights are first cab off the rank. You can crank the Fiilex P360 from 3000K to 5600K and to anywhere in-between because the P630 has the ability to smoothly tune the spectrum of light producing any colour temperature of white light with a high CRI.

With the use of our Dense Matrix LED technology, Fiilex brings to the market innovative LED light fixtures that are not just compact and beautifully designed, but also intelligent with tunable color spectrums. These lights are super lightweight, extremely portable, and generate a brilliant quality of light. Emitting from an area that is smaller than a dime, these fixtures set themselves apart from conventional LED products and by defining an all-new class of true specular LED sources. “Our goal is not to just introduce another LED product,” says Brent Siebenaler, Brand Manager for Fiilex, “but to present the best that LED technology can offer to the image capture industry.”

Fiilex P360 Light

The Fiilex P360 Portable Specular LED Light is about the size of a coffee mug with a 90W 56-chip 8-channel DiCon Dense Matrix LED as its light engine, with a highly efficient active vapor-cooling module as the thermal foundation. The P360 incorporates an advanced yet easy-to-use intelligent electronic control system that can continuously tune the color spectrum from tungsten to daylight.

Fiilex P200

The P200 FlexJet is another technical and design marvel from the Fiilex product development team. At the center of an all-metal housing is a uniquely configured 60W Dense Matrix LED core. Cooled with an advanced liquid-infused thermal component, this illuminator projects a significant amount of light from a coin-sized opening. Coupled with a variety of side-emitting and end-emitting light guides, P200 allows users to manipulate the light with ease for creation of extraordinary effects.

Beyond tweaking light distribution through fiber-optics, smart electronics let users freely change color settings with a simple click on the dial. Fiilex engineering team defined 8 stunning color spectrums: 3200K Tungsten, 4500K Metal Halide, 5600K Daylight, Magenta, Yellow, Aqua, Cyan, and Blue. These presets provide opportunity for pros to play with the colors and set the moods.

Please see Fiilex for more on their P360 and P200 LED lights.

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