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Fiilex and Phantom Flex 4K from Fiilex LED on Vimeo.

Innport, a Fiilex distributor based in France, recently got the chance to experiment with some lights on a high speed shoot. Check out this clip from from their shoot and see what they had to say about working with Fiilex on this project:

"Our good friends from Band Originale had a shoot planned nearby with the Phantom Flex 4K and Arri 100mm Ultra Prime at T1.9.

The opportunity to play with the cameras and some Fiilex lights over the weekend was too good to pass up!

The Fiilex lights proved to be a great match for high speed shooting at a small to medium scale. They are completely flicker free and weather-resistant, meaning you can get the sources closer to the subject.

Also, the fact that they are not hot is great if you are shooting food. These lights are the real tungsten killer!"

Equipment Used:
Lighting kit is K302 3x P360ex
Phantom flex 4K @ 1000fps
ARRI ultra prime 100mm T1.9

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