Feather Camera Crane Set Up Instructions Video from Lite Pro Gear on Vimeo.

This video goes over the quick set up instructions for the Feather Camera Crane and also included various camera configurations for this lightweight travel jib.

The Feather Camera Crane weights in at 3.8 lbs, has a 10' boom, and breaks down to 28". It fly's a variety of cameras from lightweight mirror less cameras such as the Panasonic GH4 or Sony A7s. Larger DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D MIII, or Nikon D800 and heavier production cameras such as the Red Epic, Red Dragon or the Black Magic Cinema Camera.

Please check out www.LiteProGear.com for more information.

Canyon Florey – Hand Model, Designer, Director, Crane Operator.
AJ Marino – Product shots Camera Man
Tim Piere – Camera Man
Kyle Shwartz- Camera Man
Chris Edmands -Crane Operator
Trevor Clark – Crane Operator
Rachid Dahnoun – Crane Operator
Nathan Garofalos – Red Camera Operator

Canyon Florey – Hand Model
Ryland Bell – Snowboarder
Ragina Dahnoun – Mountain Yoga
Austin Sweetin – Snowboarder

Written By: Jay Seals and Simon Kurth
Edited By: Simon Kurth and Canyon Florey

Music by: Wake Up Lucid

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