A look at the FalconEyes SOPHIEZ LED Lights for Photo & Video Shooting.

Another demonstration video of the #FalconEyes SOPHIEZ #LED Lights!
Producing great image and video quality is no longer a rocket science, as long as you have the support from the SOPHIEZ :)
Extreme SOFT Lighting, stable light source with #flickering #free is the key for #microfilming.
Here you go for all the available sizes of the SOPHIEZ LED Lights.
SO-28TD / 28W / Dia. 30cm
SO-48TD / 48W / Dia. 40cm
SO-68TD / 68W / Dia. 60cm
SO-40TD / 40W / 30x30cm
SO-60TD / 60W / 40x40cm
SO-66TD / 66W / 30x60cm

For full specifications (CRI / LUX / Color temperature / Power etc.) please see the new FalconEyes 2017 LED catalogue.

Bonus Video:

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