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Falco Trio - Someone to lean on

Falco Trio – Someone to lean on (Official Video) / Making Of from Varicam on Vimeo.

Join Panasonic as we take you through an exclusive interview with Christian Kuhn – the Director of Photography for Falco Trio’s music video ‘Someone to lean on’.

Mr Kuhn speaks about the functionalities of the VariCam 35 4K professional camcorder.

Some of which include 14 f-stops and the ability to increase the recording to 5000 iso with very little noise, a feature that he describes as “quite remarkable”. With AVC Intra, the team were able to create a proxy, effectively shooting two different quality videos simultaneously.

This functionality leads to faster post-production workflow. Mr Kuhn describes his experience of the Panasonic VariCam 35 4K camcorder as “great” and “amazing”, and the images that the camcorder produces as “very beautiful” and “high quality”.

He again speaks to the efficiency of the VariCam 35 as he explains that despite the fact that the camcorder was constantly in use over a 48 hour period, it used very little power.

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Shot on VariCam 35: Falco Trio – Someone to lean on from Varicam on Vimeo.

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