So a little from column A and little from column B but we will put out what we are getting teased by Chris from Express35.
Express35 are showing off sneak peaks of their new DSLR Shoulder Rig. Pretty sure that is a matte box ready to jump off the rails. Are Express35 making matte boxes now?
Also it looks like a D|Focus Follow Focus unit is on the rig which Express35 is selling and that shoulder pad looks to be sweet and comfy for long shoots.
Check out the weight box at the back as well which will come in handy to compensate big glass up front.

Sneak peak photos are of the Express35 Shoulder Rig Straight and the Adjustable Offset Express35 DSLR Rig has been leaked too.

Can’t wait to see the rig unveiled, I hear that it is some time this week. Look forward to seeing the latest sneak peak pictures.

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