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Camera Tracking Vehicle Hire | ETV & ETV Flatbed Tracking Vehicles | Chapman UK from Chapman Leonard on Vimeo.

The ETV(Electric Tracking Vehicle) is a wide wheel base, four wheel drive, all terrain car that can carry a wide range of cameras, operators and grip equipment. It complies with all current safety requirements for indoor and outdoor arenas, stadiums and Film/TV studios. The Chapman ETV & ETV Flatbed are ideal tracking vehicles for urban environments such as city parks, shopping precincts or airports, wherever you need a safe, clean, whisper quiet mobile camera platform. Our ETV can carry any of todays camera packages from conventional film & digital cameras to large 3D rigs all compatible with our Remote Heads, Jib Arms, Fluid Heads and Vibration Isolators.

The ETV Flatbed is designed to carry special rigs and crane arms for tracking shots where you need a heigh change or off-axis camera position. The ETV Flatbed can also be rigged with multiple camera configurations at the same time.

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