Back in February we told you about a funky little grip system that makes using Glidecams easier.

Now you can get one of the Eroz X1 support systems for yourself.

The Eroz X1

The Eroz X1 was created to give more stability and comfort and for longer use of the handheld Glidecam stabilizers.

Eroz x1 Kickstarter video from Eroz Steady Aid on Vimeo.

Have you ever wished the Glidecam lighter, more versatile, and easy to use that would give you freedom to create smooth footage for extended periods of time? well then the Eroz X1 is for you!

Eroz X1 Features:

– Stress free (no more arm and wrist pain)
– Super Easy to setup (seconds)
– Complete control with comfort while shooting
– Tilt up and down operation
– Improve your Glidecam and DSLR appearance
– Light weight
– The Multi-position arm give you the options for the exact setup
– Compatible with Glidecam series
– More stability during movement for dynamic camera shots
– Improve a floating moving image appearance
– Made in USA

Eroz X1 support Glidecam HD2000 test from Eroz Steady Aid on Vimeo.

Eroz X1 test video from Eroz Steady Aid on Vimeo.

For more: Eroz.

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