Basson Steady introduce the New World’s First 8 Axis Hybrid Camera Stabilizer with Electronic Horizon & Electronic Pitch.


This NEW 8 axis Hybrid camera stabilizer it’s a mix between physic-mechanic and electronic, best of both worlds, it comes with an electronic board controller that will keep the camera HORIZONTALLY STABLE all the time.

It also comes with an ELECTRONIC PITCH controller that erase the efects of INERTIA and the mistakes caused by unwanted tilts. And you will still have the control of the rotation with your hand on the gimbal as always, to let you point your camera on any direction.

It works with SILENT MOTORS, It’s noiceless, so you can now use at live events and also use the sound of your camera microphone.

Comes With:

1 Rotary Wheel
1 Telescopic Anamorphic post ready to mount 2 LCD monitors
1 NEW ISOLATE double shock absorber arm with 6 springs and triple pulley system on each arm
1 Triple padded vest, with extended arm to reduce fatigue and swivel arm
1 Gimbal monitor mount.
2 Camera micrometric sliding plates with pivot head, the plate on top now its quick release
1 Socket for 14,4v V-mount batteries.
1 New bearing mounted low mass triaxial gimbal handle
1 Battery 24v Lead acid battery with charger 110/220 to 24v charger
1 Lighted Lcd display to see battery level, 2 female lighter plugs 12v positive to center.
2 HDMI Wires already installed inside the post
1 Introductory Cd rom, with strat up demo video as well as a pdf manual
1 Docking bracket adapter to adapted to any focus stand capable to hold 50kgs = 100 lbs
1 Warranty card + set up guide

LIFETIME SUPPORT direct from Basson Steady factory to the hole world, by email or phone 365 days a year.

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