Instead of a bigger brushless gimbal camera rig for your smartphone filming, ADPLUS and their Elephant Steady grip uses the gyro sensor built in on your iPhone, and the app controls the grip’s motor.

Elephant Steady

Elephant Steady is the world’s smallest stabilizer grip for iPhone which enables you taking movies without camera shake. By installing this grip, you will be able to take movies with high quality. By loading the small high performance motor and using the application to control it, we were able to get rid of the logic board. This enabled us to come up with the beautiful unprecedented design.

The Elephant Steady is connected to iPhone using the headphone minijack. The iPhone App,Elephant Cam, controls the two motors using pulse code. You can contorl the ON/OFF by the power switch. The motor’s power is supplied by the lithium-ion battery. The tilt control button uses the headphone’s volume control signal and transmit to the iPhone App, Elephant Cam. With the iPhone’s gyro sensor and tilt control button’s signal, the Elephant Cam detects the suitable angle and controls the motor.

See more at the Elephant Steady Kickstarter campaign page.

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