Edelkrone Quick release
edelkrone has announced QuickReleaseONE, a product that could end the need for quickrelease plates altogether, saving a lot of time and money for the videographers and photographers.

Users have been using quickrelease plates to attach their cameras on all sorts of equipment such as tripods, jibs, ministands, etc. Each company designing their unique plate has been tackling the users for decades. Changing inbetween these plates has always taken a lot of time and effort from the end-users.

edelkrone’s newly announced universal quick release system solves the problem very differently. The design takes advantage of the only common piece that is available on all quick release plates, which is the 1/4″ -20 screw. The patented design contains a unique trigrip technology which makes it possible to lock on the screw fast and securely.

The product is optimized for DSLRs and similar lightweight cameras and the product is fast and safe to use.

“When you think about how many quickrelease plates gets lost and cost of time and money caused by these losses, we believe that our new system is going to be a time and money saving investment for all videographers and photographers,” adds Kadir Koymen, CEO.

More info is available at the company’s website: www.edelkrone.com

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