Stephen Gelb testing some French made Dyaliscope Anamorphic Prime PL Mount Lens on a Alexa Mini 4:3 camera.

Dyaliscope Anamorphic Prime PL mount lens Test 40/50/75 from Stephen Gelb on Vimeo.

dyaliscope anamorphic lens test — lensworks rentals

40mm T2.3
50mm T2.3
75mm T2.5

Camera: Alexa Mini 4:3
WB 3200 indoors/5600 outdoors
internal ND to balance.. .6 inside / 2.1 outside

50mm front element is uncoated
40mm double speed panchro
50mm / 75mm kinoptik apochromat

optics similar to kowa anamorphics / front element is a triplet

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