Remember back in December 2012 when we were given an exclusive look at a set of Shoot Blue Samyang uncoated prime lenses? Duclos Lenses did the precision polishing on those Shoot Blue Samyang uncoated lenses and now they are offering their very own Rokinon•Raw Prime Lenses coming very soon. The Rokinon•Raw Duclos Lenses will be offered in a set which includes a 24mm, 35mm, and 85mm T1.5 prime lens, all packed in a custom foamed 4-hole flight case.
Already own Samyang / Rokinon lenses? No dramas as Duclos will look after those too if you want them to be uncoated as well.

Rokinon Raw-Duclos-Lenses-350x219

Duclos Lenses has developed and refined a process to achieve a unique, artistic look utilizing the Rokinon Cine Primes. The procedure performed by Duclos Lenses, deemed Rokinon•Raw, involves a precision polishing formula. This is achieved by removing the anti-reflective coating from specific surfaces of key elements within each lens. Each lens then offers a fine tuned yet expressive look. With the Rokinon•Raw process, these primes still retain a respectable amount of sharpness while introducing a wide range of flares and light kicks. The Rokinon Cine primes are an excellent choice for this procedure given their relatively low point of entry and fast aperture.

For more information on the Rokinon•Raw Prime Lens set please see Duclos Lenses, and drop them an email to keep up to date on their drop date. Need to see what an uncoated Samyang / Rokinon lens can do? Check out these Shoot Blue test videos HERE.

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