Double your focal length with superb image reproduction

Duclos Lenses, a motion picture lens specialty shop, has begun offering their brand new PL mount 2x Tele-Extender which aims to best the industry’s most established brands. An all-new optical design paired with a superb, robust mechanical design makes the Duclos Lenses 2x Tele-Extender an excellent tool for cinematographers looking to double the focal length of their lenses. As with any other 2x extender, expect a 2-stop light loss, but don’t expect to sacrifice image quality. The optical design maintains the highest possible image quality from the center to the Super 35 field and beyond.


Delivery expected Spring 2016. Priced from $4,995.


About Duclos Lenses

Duclos Lenses, Inc. is a family owned and operated business with decades of service knowledge and experience. As the premiere source for motion picture lens sales, service, and accessories – Duclos Lenses continuously strives to provide the absolute highest level of professional, personal lens service and repair to the global motion picture industry.

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