Duclos 2X Rear Anamorphic Test 009 – Night Flare

From Duclos Lenses

Some more early testing done with the new Duclos 2X Rear Anamorphic Adapter. This particular video showcases the adapter’s flare and specular highlight characteristic in low-light environments. For this test we used a classic Angenieux 25-250mm HR which was shot almost wide open for all scenes. The anamorphic adapter provides an effective focal length of 50-500mm with a little more than one stop of light loss. Normally, a aspect ratio of 4:3 would be recommended as a base, but we really wanted to show the field of view capabilities of this lens/format combination.

1920 x 1080
Super 35 (16:9)
Angenieux 25-250mm HR T3.5
2X Anamorphic Squeeze

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