The DSLR-CRANE is a compact crane that fits on your backpack, easy to set up and and is ready to film in seconds when balanced with counterweights it produces silky smooth shots with your DSLR camera.

Welcome to the new DSLR-DEVICES camera Crane/Jib. What you get is the DSLR-CRANE and bolt and washers for weights. Due to the infinite ways of mounting the cameras to crane and crane to tripod, it’s hard to cater for every ones needs, so we thought it best that we let you decide how and with what you want to configure your set up. As you can see the simple and unique design makes it possibly the most mobile camera crane/jib on the market!


-lite weight only 1.5kg (3.4lbs)
-Compact design, folds down to 90cm (35 Inches)
-From the ground > 2 Meters of height elevation (79 Inches / 6.5 Feet)
-Ultra low friction brass bearings and washers
-A2 Stainless Steel fastenings
-High quality anodized black finish
-Supports cameras ( including: microphone / matt box etc) weighing up to 3kg (6.6lbs)
-Simple no tools required
-Assembles in 6 simple steps, in as little as 15 seconds
-Fits onto a standard camera backpack
-Hand Built in the UK


See DSLR-Devices for more information.

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